Freshman Infopoint

All you need to know about your IEEE student branch

Congratulations on managing your way through school and entering Ferdowsi University. A place that is totally new for freshmen. Therefore it won’t be easy to handle everything on the first year. Don’t worry though that’s why we’re here for you. We can be a great help through your 4-year journey in this university. In the end you’ll see that you’ve gained a lot of new friends, new skills and lots of other new stuff. So if you feel lonely or you’re totally confused and nervous then keep calm ’cause we’re here. We are the Ferdowsi’s IEEE Student Branch

What is IEEE ?

IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and is the greatest institution in the field of electronics and electric engineering. IEEE hosts a large part of the development of technology at this field. If you look up the name written on your wireless modem box, you see IEEE 802.11 standard. In addition to the standardization, IEEE hosts many scientific and financial conferences and scientific journals as well.
IEEE doesn’t have a lot of employees and most of the projects specially the scientific ones are accomplished by voluntary members.

IEEE members?

IEEE has more than 400000 members. This institute has divided the world into 10 regions. IEEE Iran section is located at the 8th region and we are also a part of it. Iran section was established more than 40 years ago. In each region, each university could have its own IEEE student branch.

IEEE is proud to call some of the greatest inventors in history IEEE members. There’s Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, and Alexander Graham Bell, all of whom need no introduction. Then there’s Martin Cooper, who invented the handheld cellular phone, and Ralph H. Baer, the inventor of the home console for video games. Leonard Kleinrock, Robert E. Kahn, and Vinton Cerf are credited with helping to develop ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet.

What do we do at the IEEE branch?

Here’s a list of what we do:


2-Accomplishing Assistant Student plans


4-Scientific tours

5-Holding Free Discussion classes

6-IEEEDay 2015

And lots of other work that you can suggest

What’s in the IEEE membership? How to be an IEEE member?

First of all, Activity in the branch does not have membership in IEEE.

What does it mean?

Let us explain to you:

For joining IEEE you have to pay an annual fee. By paying this fee, they give you an email address so you could use the papers and also have access to IEEE Spectrum magazines. And also a lot of other features that you could look it up at

But if you want to just join IEEE student branch, you don’t have to join the community, just fill the form in our site and hand it in to us.

Although joining IEEE student branch is easy, if you want to be an important part of student branch, you should come here frequently and communicate more with other members.

One of the most important benefits gained by joining the Student Branch is being a part of a team which makes you more responsible and you can learn a lot of skills such as writing reports, documentation, website designing and etc. Also you can gain management experiences.

But if you are not sure that you want to be a part of us, you should come here more often and decide for yourself. If you don’t know anybody there, don’t worry you’ll find a lot of new friends

Faeze Sadeghi


Why FUM IEEE Student Branch?

Students in high school usually consider the university as a preface for entering the society; a place where they can attain useful skills and gain momentum and confidence. However, the moment they enter the university, they realize that the environment is mostly academic; whether they choose to adapt to this environment, they will find themselves close minded.
A person who chooses to participate in extracurricular activities, besides regular studies, and expands his skill set will be successful eventually.
I am interested in working with Student Branch because it gives me the opportunity to do group activities, learn responsibility, develop writing skills, and to overcome the hardship in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Student Branch is also a great place to experience various actions including academic, individual, and social activities.


Ali Kazemi


Why FUM IEEE Student Branch?

I join because :
1) Student Branch gives me the opportunity to meet and learn from fellow students, and also professionals in the field. With these helps from expert students I can achieve my goals sooner and better and more accurate.
It provides an opportunity for us to begin networking in our areas of interest and future profession.
2) In order to participate in regional conferences, workshops and competitions.


Farzad Mirzaee

Classes and Workshops coordinator

Why FUM IEEE Student Branch?

Great people to work with. Besides that, a lot of fun that is hard to miss. It kind of bugs my mind to focus only on studies. That’s why I joined IEEESB


Mahdieh Sedaghat


Why did I join?

Everybody needs to belong somewhere. That’s just going to happen. So it’s better to choose consciously. It’s nice to be part of a community that is professional at what they do, and also have a fun and friendly atmosphere. It’s a change of tune from the daily life in the university. Two aspects from the university period will remain more vividly with people throughout the rest of their journey. Well maybe more than just two, but I want to make a persuasive point here and this argument is working. One is the knowledge obtained. Obviously, it’s the most important part, right? The second one is some good memories. The knowledge can be obtained in many forms but the commonly lacking one is through team work and a skilled community of peers and friends. As for the second one, to have good memories stored in your brain you need to experience a few at some point in life. This is the job of good friends. I am glad that I choose a premium package in both aspects.

Why did I stay?

I reached my goals and my expectations, and then I found new ones that I didn’t imagine before. I realized that IEEE provides a better model for the real world. A necessity that most universities are failing miserably to achieve. If you ever hope to move things around, you will need networking skills with real people. The professional peers of your field. In IEEE, making things happen translated in to the enjoyment of planning an event and seeing it go all the way through.
Temporary friends are easy to find and then easy to lose. I found unique friendships here. The kind that will remain in your life, if you are smart enough. They are and hopefully will be a big part of my life. Finally, I found some new goals and expectations. The experience of my seniors guided me through many difficulties here. I realized that I want to pass the torch to the next generation. I don’t want leave them in the vast darkness that is a normal, boring and kind of a fruitless university experience.


Arman Yaghooti

Newsletter editor

Why we join?


Why we stay?



Zahra Hosseini

web master

Why FUM IEEE Student Branch?

The primary reason that made me interested in working with the Student Branch was to gain the ability to work in group activities; such as the ability to co-operate, manage different tasks, and to tackle possible obstacles.
As I started my activities in the Student Branch, I realized that the most important thing in every group activity is to have discipline, responsibility, and to consult with others. It was in the warm atmosphere of the Student Branch that I learnt about how to work with other people and how to accept their opinions and beliefs.
Among all the things I have learnt from working in a group, finding good friends and spending time with them were the best that I have attained.
Doing group activities with your friends is the best opportunity to gain enough confidence for doing greater tasks.


Milad Mozaffari


Why FUM IEEE Student Branch?

When you enter university, you find yourself in massive lectures and excessively crowded classes. In order to become more successful, students take one step further than the regular curriculum, they try to learn social skills and teamwork as well as mastering in technical or practical skills.
IEEE is an organization with a great background, an enormous network of professionals. In FUM IEEE sb as a part of this organization, I felt there would be space for me to explore new roles and potential leadership opportunities while creating a name and reputation for myself.
On the other hand, student branch is an energetic organization, full of kind and responsible people who are committed to providing non-beneficial high-quality services to electrical students and engineers. In addition, communication with all the student branch alumni which is available in FUM IEEE sb, make it a rewarding environment for those who want to learn and improve. I can easily and proudly say that I work with a number of professionals whom I consider mentors and friends.
Additionally, IEEE is a network that recognizes accomplishments at all levels, giving every member an opportunity to excel. That does not imply competitiveness, though; I was drawn to student branch’s collaborative environment and friendly colleagues, as well as the organization’s willingness to adapt to the unique needs of its growing members.
I chose to join IEEE Sb since the organization was experiencing tough days and was in a position that most of its activities was substantially suspended by the extremist vice dean of the faculty. After a while faculty board was renewed and we find the chance to reestablish the IEEE student branch. IEEE sb offered me the possibility to move up quickly within the organization and gain exposure to numerous functional areas.
During my time at FUM IEEE sb, I have been encouraged to excel in the duties specific to my role and also to provide my perspective on larger challenges and opportunities facing the firm.
Finally, in my experience, IEEE student branch offers the opportunity for members to make a personal impact on methods and policies.

Tips for New Members:

Entrepreneurial spirits welcome.
IEEE student branch is a great place for individuals with a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. If you want to work hard and be rewarded accordingly for those efforts, IEEE sb is an ideal place.

Empower yourself
IEEE student branch rewards initiative, so look for opportunities to make your own path. Personal accountability is key, so be prepared to take ownership of your work – whatever that work may be.

Get on board now, be involved, and look for opportunities.